Boston Bibb, Beet & Avocado Salad

It may not be a green smoothie, but trust me it's soooooooooo good & there is a lot of green! ;-)

My lunch today!  Boston Bibb Lettuce topped with fresh raw beet salad & garnished with avocado!  Yum – directions below …

Raw beet salad on boston bibb lettuce with avocado 


Wash and pat dry 3 leaves of boston bibb lettuce

Add beet salad in middle (see recipe below)

Peel, core avocado, slice and arrange on lettuce


Beet salad recipe:

?2 raw shredded beets (scrub the outside first and peel with a carrot peeler)
add juice from one lemon, garlic (I used two big bulbs because I love it ;-), ginger (I used about 1 knob chopped up)
and dijon mustard – i used about 1 tsp I think
 combine all of the ingredients, put in fridge and eat after about 30 minutes – just give it time to soak in the flavors ….. it keeps very well — btw – this is great with shredded carrot, radish & orange zest too  – very refreshing!

Loaded with nutrients! iron, omega 3's, vitamin C, E, folate, magnesium, potassium, fiber, protein & more!  enjoy ;-)  AmyA


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