2012 Summer Cleansing!

Cool off this summer with our clean and cool Cleanses!

A guided food-based group cleanse
Led by Certified Holistic Health, Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor, Amy Arnold, HC, RYT200

Lose Weight* Reduce & Eliminate Cravings* Gain Clarity* Reduce Anxiety & Stress* Reduce Allergies* Get Clearer, more Radiant Skin* Enjoy Restful Sleep *
Increase Overall Vitality*

*Reported by previous cleanse participants

About the Cleanse
Enjoy fresh and clean whole foods every day! Yummy fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, juices, soups, smoothies and even select animal protein if desired. This is not a diet and is not about starvation. You will eat until satiated. We simply remove foods and liquids that inflame and congest your body and fill it with nutrient-dense food that supports you.

“My cleanse with Amy was amazing. Not only did it help me lose five pounds and kick my reliance on artificial sweeteners and diet soda, it helped me refocus during a time of great stress in my life. My greatest endorsement is that since going off the cleanse, I haven’t reverted back to my old way of eating. Throughout the process, Amy was my calm, yet steady guide always ready to answer my many questions. I highly recommend a cleanse with Amy to anyone struggling with a dependency or toxic influences in their life.”
KB – Mom & Wellness Professional in VA

We have two options for you this summer!
1)  A 2-Day Quick & Cool Group Cleanse to be held in-person (and teleconference) at Mind the Mat in Clarendon.  Perfect for first-timers or those who prefer shorter cleansing periods.
2)  An 8-Day Clean & Cool Group Cleanse to be held at Mind the Mat in Del Ray. Perfect for first-timers or those looking for a more immersive experience.

2-DAY QUICK & COOL CLEANSE CLASS DETAILS:                                                                                                

Sunday, 7/15 – 12:30pm-1:30pm – Cleanse overview/kickoff in Clarendon

Saturday, 7/21 – 10:30am-11:30am – Cleanse begins (no class – meet at Court House Farmer’s Market at 10:30am)

Sunday, 7/22 – 4:00pm-4:30pm -Cleanse transition call

Cleanse officially ends upon awakening on Monday, 7/23

The 2012 Spring 2-Day Quick & Cool Cleanse Class includes:

  • 8 Days of Professional Support
  • 1 in-person class
  • One guided-tour at the Courthouse farmer’s market
  • 1 Teleconferences
  • Customized Cleanse Guide
  • Detoxifying Recipes
  • Email Tips & Support
  • Yoga, Meditation, Energy & Breathing techniques to Enhance Cleanse
  • Journaling & Self Reflection
  • Green Smoothies e-book with 60+ recipes!

Registration is now open — Sign up at Mind the Mat under workshops in Arlington http://www.mindthemat.com
NOTE:  As with all nutritional programs, it is advised to consult with your doctor prior to participating.  No make-up classes, all tele-classes are recorded and available for replay after live class.

Saturday, 7/14 – 1:15pm-2:45pm – Cleanse overview/kickoff

Saturday, 7/21 – 10am-11am – Cleanse begins upon awakening – optional guided tour of farmer’s market or Whole Foods from 9am-10am (Amy will send out details as we get closer)

Tuesday, 7/25 – 7pm-7:30pm – Quick cleanse check-in via teleconference

Saturday, 7/28 – 1:15pm-2:45pm – Cleanse celebration class – discuss transition
Cleanse officially ends upon awakening on Sunday, 7/29

The 2012 Summer Clean & Cool 8-Day Cleanse Class includes:

  • 15 Days of Professional Support
  • Customized cleanse Guide
  • Two in-person classes
  • 1 Teleclass
  • One guided-tour at the Del Ray farmer’s market OR Alexandria Whole Foods pending seasonal status
  • Detoxifying Recipes
  • Email Tips & Support
  • Yoga, Meditation, Energy & Breathing Techniques to Enhance Cleanse
  • Journaling & Self Reflection
  • Online Group Forum Support
  • Green Smoothies e-book with 60+ recipes!

Plus more surprises to be announced!
Just $147.00  Sign Up Now at Mind the Mat  under Alexandria workshops

NOTE:  As with all nutritional programs, it is advised to consult with your doctor prior to participating.  No make-up classes, all tele-classes are recorded and available for replay after live class.


The Fall 8-Day Cleanse will kicks off on 9/15 with the overview class and the the cleanse begins on 9/22 and ends on Sunday, September 30th.  Look for details coming soon.


Want to Learn More?

My Cleansing Story

My name is Amy Arnold – I am a holistic health, nutrition, life coach and yoga teacher and am leading the 21-day Clean Eating Food-based Cleanse.

I am excited that you are interested in cleansing – a topic and practice near and dear to my heart.

I have been cleansing for over 11 years and have experienced amazing results as have my clients and students particularly those working towards overcoming issues with cravings, weight management and overall relationship to food. My first cleanse was the very reason that I was able to begin to understand the connection between what I ate and how it made me feel. It was the beginning of a health transformation including radically changing what and how I ate.

As a former corporate executive at a company that was 24/7, the incorporation of such healing modalities as cleansing, yoga, meditation, whole food nutrition and adjustments to work/life balance has drastically changed my life.

My transition from the corporate world to health and wellness has allowed me to share my personal journey and help others who need additional support.

The History of Cleansing

Cleansing has been around for thousands of years and has been used for many different reasons including purifying and healing the body and the mind.  It is practiced in many places around the world as a way to connect more deeply to ones spiritual side. In recent years, cleansing has become a more common practice to help balance our bodies in a world where toxins surround us.

Why Cleanse?

Today, we are all exposed to thousands of substances in the environment. There is strong and growing evidence that exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment contributes to many diseases of adult and children, among them asthma, learning disabilities, certain birth defects and childhood and adult cancer.
•    More than 80,000 new chemical compounds have been developed since World War II
•    Over 2.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released to the environment in the US each year.
•    Nearly 75% of the top 20 chemicals discharged to the environment are known or suspected to be toxic to the developing human brain. In addition, more than 4 billion pounds of pesticides – many of them neurotoxic – are applied in the US each year in agriculture, on lawns and gardens, and inside homes, schools, day-care centers and hospitals.
•    National surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show measurable levels of high-volume synthetic chemicals in the bodies of nearly all Americans, including newborns, infants and in the breast milk of nursing mothers.
•    According to the Environmental Working Group, the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood. Pollutants include consumer product ingredients, banned industrial chemicals and pesticides, and waste byproducts.
United States Environmental Protection Agency. Chemical Hazard Data Availability Study: What Do We Really Know About the Safety of High Production Volume Chemicals? Washington, DC: Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, 1998.
United States Environmental Protection Agency. Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program. Washington, DC, February 21, 2008.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Third National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. Atlanta (GA): CDC, 2005.

With the increase in environmental and household toxins (heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, phthalates, radon, etc.), our water, and our land are challenged to offer the quality and purity we need. This combined with allergies to mold and other allergens, frequent poor consumption choices and lifestyles with more and more stressors, provide a significant challenge to our systems. So, there are the obvious toxins and then there are the less obvious ones that are wreaking havoc on our systems.

As a result, the very organs designed to help our detoxification process suffer, especially the liver. Our lungs, skin, colon, liver and kidneys — are designed to cleanse naturally by eliminating toxins in the intestines, blood and lymph systems.

Unfortunately, we are inundated with toxins and our bodies, minds and spirit need some additional support.  I think of cleansing as a “life cleanse” and it’s as much about cleansing the mind and spirit as it is the body.

Throughout the cleanse, we will be discussing simple things you can do on a daily basis to enhance your body’s capacity to detoxify and get rid of waste help you minimize your exposure to toxins and toxic thoughts.

The following is a sample list of common symptoms of toxicity – if you have these symptoms, cleansing may benefit you.
•    Food cravings
•    Trouble losing weight
•    Difficulty concentrating
•    Sleep problems
•    Fatigue
•    Muscle aches
•    Puffy and/or dark circles under the eyes
•    Joint pain
•    Excessive sinus problems
•    Headaches
•    Bloating
•    Gas
•    Constipation
•    Diarrhea
•    Heartburn
Cleansing and “elimination” diets where you remove food, liquid and thoughts that inflame your body are used to reduce toxins, inflammation in the body and identify culprits that can be causing major issues including stress, digestive issues, chronic inflammation, and more. Well-known and respected doctor and best-selling author, Dr. Mark Hyman, speaks about the issue and impact of inflammation and how it can cause disease in the body in his book ‘UltraMetabolism’. A little bit of inflammation is normal and part of our bodies healing process, but when there is significant and ongoing inflammation, the bodies systems and organs are affected and ultimately result in disease.

When it comes to cleansing programs, my approach is moderate these days. As a foodie, I lean towards food-based cleansing where nutrition, hydration and managing stress-levels are key. Many people assume that cleansing means not eating and/or just a liquid diet … it does not have to be so.

What Can You Do?

My “Spring Clean Eating” cleanses are either 8 or 21-day programs where we remove inflammatory foods, liquids and thoughts and nourish the body with fresh whole foods including fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, animal protein (if desired), an assortment of liquid to hydrate and cleanse the body and thoughts and practices to help quiet the mind and fully support the body through the process. This is not a diet – eating is a celebration and a chance to fuel your body and mind with foods, thoughts and practices that serve you.

This Clean Eating Cleansing program that combines physical and mental components to nourish and restore your body, mind and spirit. It is designed to naturally cleanse and bring your body and mind back into balance.

Most frequently reported results from previous participants are:
•    Weight Loss
•    Reduction of Anxiety & Stress
•    Restful Sleep
•    Vibrant and Clear Skin
•    Reduction of Allergic Symptoms
•    Mental Clarity

What’s the difference between the 8 and 21 Day-Cleanse?

Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, so, it’s important to sustain the cleanse for 21 consecutive days. If you are considering the cleanse to make long-lasting health and nutrition changes in your life, this cleanse is for you. As I mentioned before, it was a cleanse I did years ago for 21 days that began my personal health and wellness transformation.  However, the 8-day cleanse is a perfect way to test the waters and enjoy tremendous benefit in a short amount of time.  Many of my cleansers prefer the 8-day simply because it is shorter and fits in better with their busy lifestyle.  It’s completely up to you.  If you have questions about which one is best for you, please reach out to me directly at amya@vitalself.com.

Testimonials from My Spring Cleanse Program

“Amy’s 21-day cleanse is a wonderfully rewarding experience. She has skillfully designed a program using food and stress management techniques which allowed my body to gently go through the detoxification process without feeling deprived. While on the cleanse I experienced a noticeable increase in my mental clarity. This helped me tremendously to move through my numerous and demanding daily priorities with greater ease, grace and emotional stability.”
– Elizabeth N. Lawton, President/CEO, Nutritious Harmony LLC

“I lost 12 pounds, am less anxious, have less bloating and aches and allergies have been good.”
– Kristen Fenty, Mom in Virginia

“I’m able to live well without caffeine! I’m very pleased to lose about 12 pounds. Also, I had far fewer sinus issues when I eliminated all dairy products. In addition, I’m more cognizant of other things that I don’t need in my daily life, including not just food, but certain people.”
– Michele, Professional and Mom in Maryland


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